The subject of this Privacy Policy is to determine the terms and conditions regarding the use of personal data (to be referred as the Service) regarding the services and services to be received through Account Book / DEFTER mobile applications and related websites.
Personal data entered as a result of the interaction with the service is under protection by Bizce Teknoloji ve Bilişim A.Ş. (to be referred as Bizce).
Bizce takes the necessary technical and administrative measures by using its technological and sub-structural facilities to ensure the safe protection and processing of law in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (to be referred as the Law) No. 6698.
Personal data of the users who are registered to the service (to be referred as the User) are processed by Bizce in accordance with the Law and the relevant legislation, including but not limited to the following cases.

What Are Your Personal Data?

The personal data that can be processed by the service, including are not limited to the following:
- User information: Contact information such as phone number, name, surname, email address
- Account information: Account book used in the service, account, transaction information and images uploaded to the service by the user belonging to the transactions.
- Traffic information: Open information such as log information including connection and communication details between devices and servers of the Service, brand, model, version number of the connected devices.
- Sharing information: Contact information with other users, such as name, phone number, email, and information about the person associated with the account, including information provided by the user, address, location, image, company information
- Contact list information: Contact information in phone contact list such as name, phone number.
- Usage information: Information containing the user's preferences regarding the use of the Service
- Sales information: Service usage related subscription and all kinds of purchase information
- Technical support information: Personal data transmitted by the user during the technical support provided by the service within the application or via email.
- Survey information: Answers to the survey questions about the service

Purpose of Processing Personal Data

- To provide solutions to the problems that arise during the use of the service through technical support, to perform the operations requested by the user, and to provide helpful information in order to facilitate the use.
- Contacting the user, sending reminders, notifications and warnings as a service, for technical reasons or for the promotion of new services.
- During the use of features that involve interaction with other users, such as account sharing, the data such as phone number and name are presented in order to confirm the identity of users with each other, and transmission of the account and transaction information produced by users through the features that include this sharing and interaction to the users included in the sharing.
- To enable users to see other registered users who they already know by syncing their phone contact list, to create business specific contact lists for their books.
- Generating anonymized statistics data without person identification information to identify problems related to service use and to improve the use of the service, to create performance reports and marketing campaigns.
- Charging and invoicing related to the provision of the service, ensuring follow-up regarding subscriptions
- Development of user-specific service features
- Protection of user rights and data security

Rights to Protection of Personal Data

By contacting Bizce, the user has rights to
- Find out whether your personal data is processed,
- Request information about this, if processed,
- Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose,
- To object to the emergence of a result against the user by analyzing the processed personal data with automatic systems


- Regarding personal data, requests and questions can be sent by accessing the support screens in the Service or the support email address specified on the website.

Bizce may make changes to the provisions of this Privacy Policy. These changes come into force on the date of their publication on the Service.